About Susan

Susan Skyring is an inspiring metaphysical teacher with many years of experience in sharing her widsom and knowledge. Susan is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and offers a wide range of services, including Feng Shui for the home or business including gardens, land and house plans, buying and selling real estate.

Susan also offers private Clairvoyant Readings, tarot readings and spirit medium readings, all of which can be done face to face, via the telephone or via Skype.

Susan teaches and inspires us all to understand our unlimited potential and combines her natural ability to understand the unseen energy, the wisdom shared to her from the ancient masters both physically and metaphysically, and her traning as a Building Design Consultant (FSS Prac.Cert.) to provide you with the direction and results that youre looking for. She communicates with both the physical world and the subtle world while doing Feng Shui in private homes and businesses bringing powerful results for her clients.