* Onsite Home Consultation  :-

$90 per hour (2 hrs min) (average three to four bedroom home) - Larger Home POA - Travelling expenses may apply  book here


* Feng Shui Concepts for Preliminary House Plans (before you build) :-
$350  (average house) - Larger Home POA    book here

* Site Survey & Land Analysis (Buying or selling, Is it right for you? Speed up your sale) :-
$90 per hr conditions apply    book here

* By Phone or Skype Home Consultation :-

$90 per hour (1 hr min) (average three to four bedroom home) - Larger Home POA    book here

Procedure for your online - 1 Hour Consultation
  • Book Appointment time. (Text or email to secure a time that is convenient for you.)
  • Email A4 pages with your house plan drawn as close to scale as possible
  • Email DOB for each person living in the house
  • Email any photo's you wish prior to consult - inside house and outside ( If we use Skype, photo's may not be necessary )
  • Make $90.00 payment when you receive booking confirmation. (Booking confirmation will have Skype address or landline to call)
  • Skype or phone in to me at appointment time
What you receive for your Mini 1 Hour Feng Shui Consultation.
  • I will analyse and Read your space and give you as much information that I can to balance and cure in the 1 Hour Consultation. 
  • Your consultation will also be recorded to a disk and posted to you for future reference!

* Small Business Consultation :-

$180-$450 (size & number of staff conditions apply)    book here


* Inner Feng Shui :-

Private Clairvoyant/Tarot Readings :-

*Telephone Reading (recorded and mailed)  $90    book here
*Face to face Reading (recorded to take with you)   $90   book here

The following conditions may apply to the above fees:

A $60 per hour travel fee will be included on the invoice if over 25km. Air fares and expenses are to be paid by the client in advance if the consultant is required to fly to a site. Extra report writing may require extra charges.