1st Sept 2019    

My reading with Susan was amazing and quite profound.  I sought my reading because of deep grief that after almost a year wasn’t even starting to heal. It was affecting all areas of my life including my chronic illness.
I received SO much more than I ever expected. I heard from my mum ( which Susan validated) and this has helped me immensely. 
I received an incredible amount of wisdom and guidance from Spirit through Susan.  So much information to guide me and will literally change the way I think and feel and heal.
I can’t wait to receive my recording to listen again to everything and I’ll always have that to remind me. Thank you Susan for your sensitivity and compassion.  When I feel the time is right for another Reading I will be back again. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.



14 May 2016    

There have been such changes in me since my visit.

I'm still finding it physically challenging but not to the same degree.

I'm working at owning and allowing the pain and also on positive thoughts. Not just thinking about it. I've noticed when I get up and a knee is locked or some such I look and realise that I've been thinking negatively.

I open my mind and change direction.

You've given me so much hope and I almost had none left.

I thank you so much.

I'm observing more and things that used to upset me are now humorous.  I still have to learn though to let the dramas go by me.

I get involved so I need to change direction there as well.

I am using Marjoram and White Fir oils from my sister and they are moving generational issues etc, as is my husband and there is a new softness and warmth between us. With me more mobile as well, he is not so fearful.

Thanks Susan.




12 August 2015    

If you think that a Feng Shui consultation is going to result in having to take down walls, repaint the home or plaster symbolic Chinese trinkets everywhere, you are truly mistaken.

My Husband Geoff and I engaged Susan Skyring to conduct a Feng Shui consultation on our home.  She fully engaged with us and got us involved in the whole process explaining the reasons some areas needed to be ‘cured’ with a Feng Shui technique whilst at the same time identifying the connection that we had with certain possessions.

Susan’s style of Feng Shui is adapted for our westernised culture and as she methodically went through our home to identify the areas that required a ‘cure’, she worked with our current furniture and possessions, relocating them to more suitable areas to enhance that element of our lives, and to allow Chi to flow freely.

The areas of the home that were identified as requiring a Feng Shui ‘cure’ were those areas in our lives that were suffering.  Some of the most basic of applications have made a vast difference since our consultation.

Because of Susan’s style and her ability to simplify the philosophy of Feng Shui, this has resonated greatly with us both and as a result, we are always considering the constructive cycle of the Feng Shui process should we wish to make any changes or introduce a new item into the home.

We can highly recommend Susan to conduct a Feng Shui consultation at your home – we are sure that you will not be disappointed and will be amazed at the results it will have in all areas of your life.


Geoff & Nicola Gill


13th August 2014    

I had Susan come and visit last week and help with Feng Shui. What amazing wisdom she has and shared with me to help with my business. Thank you Susan it feels so good now that I have implemented your suggestions. I would recommend Susan for anyone wanting to change the energy in their home or business.

Thank you Susan.



July 2014    

Having experienced a long dark period in my life, at age 74 I really felt there was nothing to look forward to. I couldn’t summon up the energy to really enjoy life.

A Feng Shui Consultation with Susan opened the way to amazing changes in my life.

It is astounding how following her suggestions has actually given me a new lease of life. The house feels light, happy and much more comfortable..

I feel joyful, now and look forward to my future with enthusiasm.

I cannot speak highly enough of Susan, her true concern and her ability to get to the heart of things.

I am now looking forward to the exciting things ahead of us, and would recommend Susan and her wonderful gifts to anyone who seeks to improve any part of their life.



May 2014    

Thank you so much for an incredible and lovely reading.
Wishing you a wonderful day.

Love D x


L (Jan 2014)    

I first met Susan in May 2013, for a full house feng shui session. I have been intrigued by this for some time & as we were looking at selling in the near future it seemed like the right time. We were also travelling overseas as a family in a month & I had read that feng shui could also help with health & relationship difficulities. These were both areas of interest to me.

The initial consult in our home took a few hours & I felt so comfortable & in awe throughtout. Some of the things Susan highlighted were truly spot on & others made sense to me once I thought more about them. Susan mentioned in the love area I needed to place 'items in pairs', eg. candles or teddies. She also suggested for my husband & I to buy a plant together & both take responsibility for its care & nuturing.

In the bathrooms & toilets simple remedies like closing the toilet lid & door & placing a big flat stone over the shower drain to prevent our money from running away. In the travel area, Susan found clutter & movement which was all of our suitcases & travel gear in chaos in the theatre room, ready for our upcoming trip.

Susan gave me many suggestions to help with the Sale of our home & over the next 6 months she was fully supportive via text or email. Susan's ideas were varied, from making the entrance to our home more appealing through a pathway, certain pot plants in shiny pots & colourful flags to draw in 'positve chi & attention'. We had one contract that fell through & then within another 2 weeks we were successful in getting another one which led to the sale of our family home. During this time, Susan was very reassuring to me & kept asking me to 'trust'.

During this time I also had a personal reading via the phone with Susan which was really amazing & pinpointed certain things that I had questioned for many years. It also made reference to our house selling soon. I found this reading very helpful & a wonderful experience. A few things have happened since the reading that have been accurate & made me reflect in a positive manner. Our daughter was struggling with direction for her future & Susan told us she would fence sit for awhile & then just make a decision. After some soul searching & much indecisiveness, she has made her decision & is off to Uni. My husband was between work contracts during this period & Susan was correct in saying he would work closer to home & be home more regularly.

I am about to organise a house reading with Susan for our new home via Skype, once we are settled. I am so grateful to the day I picked up Susan's pamphlet at our local Health Shop & would recommend having a reading to everyone, especially those with an open mind. Thankyou Susan, you are truly inspiring.


M (Nov 2011)    

I just wanted to give you some feedback since I had my reading with you in April 2011. I wanted you to know how impressed I am and how accurate you were in my reading. You said that I would be pregnant in 3 months and here I am and due in March 2012 which is great as 3 is my favourite number and 2012 is a special year.

It was my second reading with you so I knew your were very good but was still surprised! I'm sure as the year unfolds there will be many more accuracies!

Thank you again for your wonderful reading, I keep telling my friends to go and see you!

Kind Regards,


T (April 2011)    

In the wealth corner in our house, in the kitchen, I have been leaving the wooden chopping board out, and have put river stone pebbles in the sinks on top of the drains, and I have just won a prize in the Gold Lotto of $1113 , how fantastic is that!

If I would have listened better to the spirits that gave me the winning numbers, I would have had the 6th number right as well, I had filled in a 2 in stead of a 3, in that case I would have won $700,000 or $800,000, but when I did my winners' dance and thanked my spirits, they told me this is just the beginning! Wow, wow, and WOW!

I am very grateful. Wanted to share this great news with you, thank you for your teachings.

With Love and Light,


L (June 2010)    

"About 4 months ago I had a telephone reading by Susan. At the time we had just listed our house for sale and I was just wanting to know if she could see how it was going to go. Susan told me we were going to get an offer on our house that weekend but we wouldn't like what we heard. That is exactly what happened that weekend.

She then continued on to say in 8 weeks we would be celebrating. Well 8 weeks to the day we got a contract on our house. We couldn't be happier. The purchasers then asked for an extension of a month for settlement. I then telephoned Susan at that time to see if she could see an outcome for us. Susan advised me that she couldn't see an end to the contract it was just delays and we would know more in 2 weeks time. 1.5weeks later the contract is now unconditional.

I can't thank Susan enough for her readings. It not only gave me peace of mind but she was RIGHT!! I have recommended Susan to all my friends and I will be getting another reading in the future for more guidance from her.

Thank you so much Sue.


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