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Susan SkyringSusan travels extensively throughout Australia doing regular workshops on Personal Spiritual Development, Feng Shui and Understanding the Unseen Energies.

Susan encourages you to contact her if you would like to host her at your place with a small group of friends for a fun filled day or evening party of Clairvoyance, Spirit Mediumship and/or Personal Spiritual Development also training on do it yourself Feng Shui made easy for you to understand!

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The Workshops below are also available

Feng Shui Basics 1 Day Workshop
Many people are very confused about this Chinese art of placement. Let Susan Skyring lead you the way to an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply Feng Shui following the teachings that she got from her Master Roseline Deleu. BYO lunch, home plans and note pad to write down the list of suggestions that Susan will explain during the day and be ready for a life changing experience.

Creating Your Own Collage 4 Hour Workshop
Inspired by the book 'Your First Easy Steps to Feng Shui' by Roseline Deleu, Susan experienced herself amazing results with her own collages. The many participants to previous workshops keep regularly in touch with their enthusiast feed-back. Discover how you can enhance your intuition and translate the message that the universe is sending you through images, words or pictures. BYO scissors, glue stick, 5 magazines per person and a cardboard paper.

Understanding the Unseen Energies 4 Hour Workshop
Energies exist all around us in the universe. Energy comes from the earth itself, the trees, plants, animals and people... all emit energy. Just as we mostly cannot see it, we know it is there. Just like when we turn the light switch, we cannot see the energy of electricity travelling through the light but we know it is there. We can sense the energy in many ways that will give us valuable information.

Using Divining Rods and Pendulum
Everyone is able to use a pendulum and divining rods. Let Susan Skyring show you the way to understanding how you, through establishing your personal communication with these tools, you will be able to discover answers to secret questions. Be open to receive Susan's teachings and learn to manage your pendulum and divining rods to create a better and a healthier environment. Rods are available for purchase through Feng Shui Steps.

Feng Shui Tips for Health 1 Hour Lecture
Host Susan in your community and spend one hour with a group of the keen 'feng shui adventurers' that you have recruited. One hour full of information concentrating the feng shui suggestions to enhance Wealth, Money and Abundance into your life. A short lecture where everyone is a winner once they apply the suggestions around their home.

Feng Shui Tips for Love 1 Hour Lecture
What would be life without Love? How can you encourage Love around you? Loving yourself? Attracting the right partner? Follow Susan Skyring's lecture and visualise your interior as her explanations unfold. Back home, move the unnecessary items that are blocking the Love to come into your life and replace them with the correct items that you already have at home probably hidden in some of your cupboards.

Personal Spiritual Development 1 Day Workshop

Connection to Spirit 1 Day Workshop

For further information please email Susan by clicking here or phone on 0417 730 313.